December 2015

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Okay, so I won't bore you with all of the specifics, but here are some high-level things that will look differently next time you buy or sell a home (primary or secondary).

  • The ubiquitous HUD-1 form that has been used for years which shows both sides of the transaction is out, the new Closing Disclosure ("CD") showing only one side of the transaction is in 
  • The CD is prepared by your lender (not the title company) and you must receive it 3 days before scheduled closing (not 1 day like before)
  • Because the CD contains confidential personal information, your lender cannot share it with your agent
  • The information needed to prepare the CD must be provided to the lender 10 to 14 days prior to closing and is typically compiled by the title company
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In case you missed it,, the top travel Website in the world awarded Orange Beach, Alabama, it's prestigious 2015 Traveler's Choice Award as "Top Destinations on the Rise -- United States."

TripAdvisor stated "A great family beach vacation spot, the Alabama Gulf Shores and Orange Beach offer wonderful dining experiences, dolphin siting cruises, championship golf courses, fishing charters and nature hikes. Choose from national hotel and motel chains, camping or a variety of beach houses for your stay. There are numerous options for nightlife, from family entertainment to rocking roadhouses, enjoy your pick of plays, free concerts, dancing or just listening to any number of musical stylings at a local hot spot." You can find the link here:

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Most of us dream of having that special place to escape to with our families. But, who can afford to carry a second home? Actually, if you are selective, you can. It takes a down payment, true. The trick, though, is not to just cash flow the cost of a vacation home, but to earn a return on the amount of your down payment as well as sheltering your rental income so that it does not impact your taxes. Is that even possible? Yes, absolutely! Does it work for every property? No! Absolutely not. You have to be selective and choose those properties with a solid and proven rental history. You also have to be smart about it and not use the place yourself to such an extent that you defeat your financial plan. Working with people that know the different complexes

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