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If you are considering buying or selling, you should have confidence in today’s market.  As we approach the middle of 2015, the residential real estate market is on track for its best year since 2006 according to Realtor.com.  In the past 12 months, over 3 million jobs have been created across the county.  With this job growth comes an increased demand for homes and with mortgage lending becoming easier to obtain with historically low interest rates..  Homes are selling quickly too.  The median age of inventory in May nationwide was 66 days on the market which is 8 days faster than the previous year.  If you are ready to buy or sell, contact our team at Realty 1st  877-504-9716.  We currently have over 15K registered buyers and sellers on our website. 

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What is Gumbo Key? 

Via the Facebook page, Gumbo Key is described as:

Gumbo Key is a tropical, mythical place that appears from time to time. The floating musical venue is a place for friends

and family to meld together in our Gulf Coastal waters while soaking up the fine sounds of Live Southern bands.

When will Gumbo Key appear?
The first appearance will be Saturday, June 21, which happens to be The Summer Solstice and the first day of Summer 2015. 

Where will Gumbo Key appear? 
Gumbo Key can move with the breeze. The year's approximate GPS position is: 
30° 16' 57.39" N
87° 32' 50.23" W
It's east of Bird and west of Ono Islands

What time does the party start? 
We're shooting for High Noon and will pull up anchor by 5 o'clock somewhere. 

How do I

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TripAdvisor reviews are in for the month of April and Gulf Shores was ranked among the top 13 "hidden gems" in the country for its pristine beaches and kid friendly atmosphere.  Click the link for the full story.


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